attract clients

89% of sales involve online research. Let your industry know you're the best choice.

capture leads

Up to 96% of visitors aren't ready to purchase yet. Get in touch and nurture them.

close more deals

Up to 50% of purchases are made with first vendor to respond. Be there first.

grow your pipeline

A well defined and executed pipeline rescues 79% of leads that would be otherwise lost.

Sources: Google, Marketo, InsideSales, Salesforce

Get Your Sales Team Busy

Industrial Lead Acquisition
The ultimate goal of any marketing effort is to deliver qualified potential buyers to your sales team so they follow up on those leads and close sales. As your marketing agency, Orapron focuses on how many leads we bring you, not just on the amount of clicks our ads got.

We'll help you attract, capture, convert potential buyers into clients AND help you retain and upsell to them. We carefully craft a strategy that will bring the most results with the lowest Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) possible, so your Return on Investment improves.

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Customer Journey Optimization

Industrial marketing, beit to sell supplies, commodities or services, requires developing a positive relationship with potential buyers and current clients. Up-selling or cross-selling to existing clients is often easier and less expensive than selling to new leads.

From awareness, attraction and conversion to retention, upselling and reputation management, we will help your business achieve better closing rates and increase your ROI.

Advertising for Industrial Markets
Reach and Convert Purchasers in 2020

It used to be all about "disrupting the industry"... well, industry has been disrupted.

To say that 2020 has changed the face of Global Industry is an understatement. Supply-chain disruptions, massive lay-offs, companies of all sizes going under, "empty chairs" and other sad news will linger for some time and test our resolve.

Even seemingly "unaffected" industries will need to shift and pivot. Or are you still counting on a Trade Show to grow your sales?

Together, we will plan, methodically review your strategies, campaigns and processes and ensure you are running efficient, high-yielding campaigns specific to your industry.

Modular Marketing Service

Our Full Service Marketing Agency carries out the following Industrial Marketing Activities, and depending on your current workflow and needs, we integrate with your team:

Modular Approach to Industrial Marketing


Leverage our marketing experience in B2B markets since 2004.


Copy, graphics and more. Our experts will create effective ads.

Social Media and PR

From publishing "we're here posts" on your Social Media Accounts to Social Media Marketing, Public Relations and Community Management.

Web and Graphic Design

From business cards and landing pages to flyers, presentations, white papers, full-fledged websites and more.

Strategic Approach to B2B:
Inbound Marketing Prioritization

Inbound marketing translates to offering our product or service to whomever is searching for it, while they are searching for it. This means they are not only our prospects, they are prospects primed for purchasing.

Whereas other types of marketing require being in front of potential purchasers (a magazine ad, a pinned calendar, a pen, a tradeshow, a showroom, etc.) in hopes of being their choice of supplier when they want to purchase, it's akin to using a powerhammer, while inbound marketing is a laser-guided, precision effort.

Our priority is to maximize income with available resources, reduce resource waste and focus on the statistically-proven, highest-yielding efforts.

Result-Driven Industrial Marketing Agency

Google Partners, Certified Search Advertising Professionals that seek to optimize Ad Spend and yield higher ROIs.

All our clients have their own individual Google Ads account with full transparency and access. We retain with quality, not with shady tactics.

We do not believe in comission-based investment, so we charge a flat retainer and leverage our know-how to drive costs down AND improve search advertising results.

What can our Industrial Marketing Agency do for you?

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