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Although there are a myriad marketing tools, making your offer to someone who is actively searching for your product is the most cost-effective marketing tool at your disposal.

We've run succesful campaigns since 2005 with over 444 million impressions on the Google Search, Display and Video platforms from April 2005 to May 2020.

Result-Driven Transparent Access

Being a Google Partner might be the proof of expertise you're looking for in an Agency, and although we indeed are Google Partners, we believe in results above status or accolades.

All our clients have their own individual Google Ads account with full transparency and access. We retain with quality, not with shady tactics. If you currently have campaigns running and don't have access, request both "Search Keyword" and "Basic Ad" Reports.

We do not believe in comission-based investment, so we charge a flat retainer and leverage our know-how to drive costs down AND improve search advertising results.

Modular SEM Service

Our Full Service Marketing Agency carries out the following activities regarding Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and depending on your current workflow and needs, we integrate with your team:

Modular Approach to Search Engine Marketing

Search: Advertising and Quality (PPC Management)

Our marketers will monitor your keywords, targetting, market reach, quality score, CTR and Conversion Rate

Search: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our marketers will implement split A/B testing to improve your conversion rates


Our copywriters will polish your marketing copy

Web Design

Our web designers will create or update your web pages

Our Approach to SEM:

Search Engines, above all, need their users to keep searching through them. It wouldn't matter how much they charged if people stopped using their search platforms. In order to maintain their dominance over other search engines, Google gives a "Quality Score" to advertisements on their platform, with better scoring ads often costing less and showing in better positions of the Search Results Page.

On the other hand, there isn't much value in a ton of traffic from people that are searching for something we don't offer. Imagine if you were searching for "search engine marketers" and landed on a kayaking site. For the searcher, this would be a waste of time, and for the advertiser a waste of money and very low conversion rates.

Instead, we rely on a searcher-focused approach, where we present a highly relevant ad, which leads to a highly relevant landing page, and then we as your marketing agency hand off the lead to your sales department (or focus on sales if you have an online store).

Faithful Marketing Agency

We would LOVE to have a million clients in the exact same market, BUT, we can only offer 1st place to one of them.

When you are our client, we offer*:

Faithful Marketing Agency

Local, Regional or National Exclusivity

We will not compete with you or help your competition.


Your private data and insights will only help you.

You Own Your Accounts

We manage them, you own and keep your property.


We use and rely on market-leading security measures and platforms.

* Please see our Terms of Service

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